“I was involved in a rear end accident; Not only did Lea & Mindy (staff @ Accents on Health) help me physically, through massage, acupuncture and adjustments, they supported me emotionally. After my accident I had many emotions that I couldn’t understand. Through listening to me and providing their expertise, knowledge & care, I was able to understand the trauma that occurred in my brain & body and know the healing process would go. This eliminated so much stress because I didn’t feel so confused & scared about the future. Their professional care & knowledge gave me a light at the end of the tunnel that I am really greatful for. Their care helped heal me and I feel better every day!”

– Anne S, Age 42

“Dr. Yoder has been a life saver for me. I used to get migraines and actually get shots in the back of my head, and after seeing Dr. Yoder I no longer have to do that. I also was scheduled to get carpal tunnel surgery and Dr. Yoder asked if I could give her a chance at fixing the problem, and within three visits she did. I have full function in my wrists again without surgery! I also saw Dr. Yoder after a car accident. I strained by back, it hurt to walk & sleep, now I’m great!”

– Micah C, Age 44

“I started seeing Lea for headaches/migraines and back pain from a buggy/go-cart accident. After a few visits with Lea I’m back playing soccer again without pain. Now I see her after a few games to keep my body in alignment.”

– Chandler H, Age 15

“I overworked some muscles in my right shoulder area which caused some swelling in the muscles that pinched nerves underneath my shoulder blade. Dr. Yoder worked that area over in three sessions and was ale to relax the muscles and put my shoulder back in place. The massage therapist continued to work on that area to elongate/relax the muscles. End result: No more pain or tingling sensation in my shoulder and arm.”

– Pat F, Age 65

“Accents on Health has been my chiropractic office for the past three years. Dr. Yoder & her staff are caring & professional & really take time to understand & help with your issues. I highly, highly, highly recommend them!”

– Rachel S, Age 45